Four reasons to visit Portugal in 2018

After a major tourism boom last year, Lisbon is back on top as a destination hotspot for 2018! Whether it’s for business, fun, or sports, Portugal has become a go-to destination, and this upcoming schedule of exciting world events will attract swarms of tourists in their thousands. Have you picked your reason to visit yet?

Eurovision Song Contest 2018

As the latest champion of the Eurovision Song Contest, Portugal returns in 2017 as a host for the first time ever to showcase the 63rd edition of the most popular European music competition. For music fanatics or those of you who are just fans of out-of-this-world wacky costumes, this event is sure to delight!

The final will take place on May 12 in Altice Arena, Lisbon, with 42 singers from all across Europe fighting for their country’s chance to win this weird and wonderful annual event. And in true Lisbon style, it’s sure to entice an international crowd to kick off the summer early.

Festas dos Santos Populares (Popular Saints’ Festivals)

June is one of Lisbon’s most animated months. The city roars to life with warmer temperatures, a lively summer events calendar, and for locals, work is generally put on the backburner. It is the month of the Patron Saints, and year after year locals and tourists descend on the streets to eat, drink and be merry at the Santos Populares festival.

You’ll find Lisbon’s most historic districts adorned with colourful decorations, which are often left up for months after the partying is actually over! The sound of traditional music and the smell of grilled sardines engulf these older parts of the city from day until night, creating a unique, cultural experience that will live long in your memory!

Business Summits

With an economic revival taking place, Portugal is creating a name for itself as a new start-up capital of Europe, which has created a boon in opportunities for foreign businesses. A number of high-profile industry conferences  now take place in Lisbon, attracting business folk from across the globe. For tourists who want to work and play, you’ll find a wealth of co-working spaces all across the city.

Lisbon’s Web Summit is the ideal networking event for thought leaders and workers in the digital sphere, which can exchange knowledge and experience the Lisbon sights whilst attending one of the world’s most exciting tech events. Web Summit attracts famous innovative speakers, helping lead debates on the future of technology and the digital realm.

Other events, such as the Business of Luxury Summit and the Ocean Summit are just a couple of examples of the long list of business conferences that will take place in Lisbon this year, boosting the city’s standing as a commerce destination and proving that work travel doesn’t have to be boring!

Sport and Music Events

Portugal has long been an old favourite for surf lovers and festival-goers. Faithful festivals such as NOS Alive, Super Bock Super Rock and Meo Sudoeste will attract a higher number of visitors this year than ever before, and Lisbon is becoming a mandatory stop in the tours of many international artists.

A number of new festivals also sprung up in the city last year and weekly summer regulars, such as the local OutJazz Sunday event, guarantee that music lovers can happily wile away the hours under the Lisbon sun!

Sports fans rejoice! Lisbon’s half marathon in March will take the runners through the emblematic bridge of 25 de Abril, a city landmark which connects Lisbon to the opposite side of the river.

As always, the world surf championship held in Peniche makes a perfect weekend trip for Lisbon visitors, and other competitions of continental or global scope like the Rally World championship or the European Triathlon championship, are also within reach.

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