Timetable Monday and Wednesday
or Tuesday and Thursday
Hours 19:00 – 21:00
Class Size From
4 to 10 students
Levels From complete beginners (A1) to mastery (C1)
  • The part-time courses are perfect for students with work or study commitments, or those who are simply looking for more free time while they are in Lisbon;
  • Students will learn with others with a similar language ability;
  • Classes are dynamic, but the part-time lessons require dedication and self-study between classes;
  • All aspects of language skills, such as reading, speaking, writing and listening, are focused on within the class.

New Prices – From 200 € per module (5 weeks) with no additional enrolment fee – See what it includes below!

Duration Frequency Price per module Total price Find out more
5 weeks 2 days a week € 210.00 € 210.00 Contact Us
10 weeks 2 days a week € 205.00 € 410.00 Contact Us
15 weeks or more 2 days a week € 200.00 € 600.00 Contact Us
* A course is always guaranteed even if it doesn’t have the minimum number of students, however, the number of hours may be reduced. Please consult our terms and conditions for more information.

Everything you need is included
in the price of the part-time course:

  • A grammar book with all the explanations and exercises for your level;
  • All the extra materials are provided by the teacher for each class;
  • A folder to archive all the documents from the class;
  • A tote bag so you can carry all the materials to and from the class;
  • Access to the extracurricular activities organised by the school;
  • A certificate of attendance at the end of the course with the number of hours and the level accomplished by the student.

Class dynamics – Part-time Course

In these Portuguese part-time lessons, students will be able to acquire and improve communicative structures in the Portuguese language and actively participate in tasks that will give them the confidence to use the language. The end goal of communicating better in Portuguese is achieved through a focus on vocabulary and grammar. During this part-time Portuguese course, students will consolidate their knowledge through assigned homework. As the course is only part-time, students are actively encouraged to use their time wisely outside of the classroom and practise their Portuguese in real-life situations.