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5 of Lisbon’s very best terraces

Summertime in Lisbon has arrived at last! Perhaps you’ve spent the day out in the glorious sunshine, exploring the tiny streets of Alfama or the bars of Bairro Alto, only to find yourself tired of walking and in desperate need of somewhere to rest your legs, relax, and catch the sunset as it falls over our beautiful city.

Well then, you’re in luck! In Lisbon there are incredible terraces dotted all around its seven hills, where panoramic views of our beautiful city, and a cold, crisp beer in the sunshine await. Check out this list of our five favourite terraces all around the city:

1. Miradouro Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen (Miradouro da Graça)

Located in the famously charming area of Graça, this beautiful little spot is perfect for finding a bit of shade and getting out of the summer sun. Lined with evergreen pines, you can sit in their shadows and cool down with a drink on its terrace. The views over the city are nothing short of spectacular, so don’t forget to take your camera!

Calçada da Graça

2. PARK Bar

Looking for somewhere to party as the sun goes down? PARK Bar offers great vibes for a little sunset fiesta; music, cocktails and dancing with a view of the city’s colourful architecture from the foot of Bairro Alto, where you’re never far from the excitement!

Calçada do Combro, 58

3. Praça de Sao Paulo  

Who would have thought that just around the corner from Lusa Language School we would find one of our favourite terraces? Walking just a stone’s throw from the doors of the school, you’ll find this relaxing daytime spot with an assortment of bars and outdoor terraces where great food and drink can be found. And then later when night time comes, the square turns into a throbbing, vibrant hub of all those out in search of Cais do Sodré’s late-night delights!

 Praça de S. Paulo

4. TOPO/Praça Martim Moniz 

Hidden on the top floor of a shopping centre in the heart of multi-cultural Martim Moniz, here you can explore the pleasures of a delicious cocktail menu on an outdoor terrace looking over the square. Sip a Mojito and soak up the amazing views of Castelo de São Jorgeas the sun sets! Praça Martim Moniz below is also buzzing of an evening and can be a lively place to carry on the fun, but with slightly cheaper drinks and a variety of mouth-watering international foods.

Commercial Center Martim Moniz, Praça Martim Moniz

5. Miradouro de Santa Catarina

If a first-hand glimpse into Lisbon’s bustling bohemian world sounds like fun, then this is the place for you. This viewpoint has become the spiritual home of musicians, street artists and anyone looking to watch the ships pass along panorama distinct from many of Lisbon’s more famous viewpoints. The guitars will strum, the beers will flow and the travellers and locals will mingle, sunbathing and chatting in the sunshine. Few places show off Lisbon’s unique mixture of picturesque views and a welcoming, open spirit quite as much as this.

R. de Santa Catarina, 401

So, make sure you find yourself that perfect spot to watch Lisbon’s spectacular sunsets,
see its sprawling panoramas, and really take advantage of your summer in the city. With
this little list, you can’t go wrong!

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