Terms & Conditions

1- Booking, deposit and final payment

a) A booking is not finalized until a deposit is made and confirmed by the school in addition to the application form and placement test (if applicable) properly completed. In order to confirm your enrolment, a deposit of 50% until the starting date of the course the total amount must be made, unless otherwise agreed with the school. For private or online lessons, a full payment is required before the classes start. The payment should be completed before the commencement of the course. For the booking deposit you can pay by bank transfer, online with your credit or debit card or paypal. At the school we accept cash, debit or credit cards (except American Express).

b) Confirmation and proof of payment must be sent to contact@lusaschool.com. Please note this procedure is mandatory, and the enrolment will be confirmed within two working days. The enrolment in intensive courses starting on next Monday must be done until the Thursday at 23h59 before the starting date of the course, since there are possibilities of previous full capacity of the module that intends or not to have the minimum number of participants required.

2 – Group Courses Operation Policies (in person and online lessons)

a) Our fees include: the grammar exercise book or another proper material of your level of Portuguese learning (explanation and exercises) and other complimentary materials, advice and support for the trip, 24/7 emergency support, access to the social activities outside the school and the certificate of formação profissional in the end of the course. Our fees do not include: insurance, travel, transfers, 50 euros fee regarding accommodation logistics, or any other extra-curricular activities. In the event that an intensive course runs with less than 4 students,

b) In the event that a part-time course runs with 4 or less students.

c) Courses with less than 4 students may be subject to cancellation or postponement of dates, except for part-time online courses where the minimum number of students is 5. The amount paid by the student will be safeguarded and will be credited towards the next course at their level/module to start.

2.1- Assessment and Certification – Group Courses (in person and online lessons)

a) Students cannot be absent more than 20% of the lessons, as well as they must obtain an evaluation equal to or higher than 50% by completing a written and/or oral test and together with the classification of the continuous evaluation by the trainer to obtain a vocational training certificate and to move up to another level. If the students miss more than 20% of the lessons, no certificate will be issued. This will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

2.2- Cancellations and Reimbursement Requests for group courses (in person and online lessons)

a) We reserve the right to cancel any bookings at any time if there is not the minimum number of students per group.

b) The students can cancel before the course starts, as long as you deliver a supporting document for the cancellation (disease, etc…). Otherwise, 50% administration charge will be deducted from the course fees.

c) Lusa does not refund cancellations made within the course start date or abandonment after the commencement of the course. In case of occasional issues (illness, death, etc…), the amount paid by the student will be credited to be used in other group or private lessons over a period of 2 years.

d) When classes are missed during the course for any reason, or for late arrival or early finish, no fees will be refunded. All the materials used in the class can be sent by email if asked by the student.

3 – Private Lessons Operation Policies (in person and online lessons)

a) The schedules previously agreed with the school must have a minimum duration of one month, so that less constraints and loss of classes occur. Any exception will be dealt with case by case.

b) Students should notificate the school within 24h if they need to reschedule the lesson, in cases of unforeseen disease. In this case, Lusa will reschedule the lesson, depending on the teacher’s availability. If this does not happen, the class will be counted for the student.

c) The school has the maximum of 7 calendar days to schedule the lessons for new students.

d) The students have a maximum period of 2 years, after the payment date, to use the acquired lessons. If, for some reason, you cannot use them at the moment, they will be on credit.

e) Participation certificates will be issued with the number of classes attended. However, when the student needs another type of certification, he must take a written and/or oral test with an evaluation equal to or greater than 50% and may obtain a certificate of professional training.

3.1- Cancellations and Reimbursement Requests for private lessons (in person and online lessons)

a) Lusa does not refund cancellations made within classes start date or abandonment after the commencement of the classes.

b) Lusa does not refund or compensate unattended lessons without notice. In case the student moves from Lisbon, private lessons can be converted to online lessons. No fees will be refunded in case the student decides to cancel the lessons.

4- Visas

a) Students staying in Portugal for longer than 90 days may require a student visa, except EU citizens.

b) The school may be able to provide some limited assistance to students when applying for a visa. Normally at least six weeks’ notice will be needed to process a visa application, but the length of time varies according to each country. If you require a visa letter from Lusa, we will require 50% of the course to be paid in advance.

c) In the event that an applicant is denied a visa, the school will retain 50% of paid fees.

5 – Accommodation

a) Lusa can help you finding accommodation in Lisbon and the process has a 150 euro fee. In these cases, Lusa will be the intermediate between the student and the accommodation.

b) Lusa does not take responsibility for any flaws regarding our partners services. Nevertheless, we will do everything we can to provide a different accommodation option in case the student wishes to change.

c) The payments for accommodation services shall be done directly to hosts, except other agreements with the school.

6 – Administrative terms

a) Students who decide to change from an intensive course to a less intensive course will not receive any refund for the difference in the price.

b) Students may have the option to change their course and timetable up to two weeks before the course begins, depending on the school’s availability and teacher flexibility. This will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

c) Lusa assumes no responsibility for loss, delay, or accident of any kind whatsoever that occurs because of the fault or negligence of supporting services or people to the student, such as travel agents.

d) The value paid by the student will be credited for a maximum period of 2 years.

e) All rights relating to the didactic content and methodology used in any of the courses are registered in the name of Lusa Language School. The written authorization is required for any type of reproduction or dissemination of all or part of the material, as well as for the use or reproduction of methodology employed. The authorization request must refer precisely to the material or methodology intended to be used, as well as its specific purpose.

6.1 – Closing and Public Holidays

a) Lusa does not refund missed lessons due to public holidays or teacher absenteeism, but will make up for the lost time through the scheduling of a replacement class.

b) Lusa will be closed for Christmas holidays in December (days will be determined by the school annually). Additionally, the school is shut for all Portuguese national public holidays.

c) If Lusa needs to be shut unexpectedly, we will endeavor to reschedule classes which are affected.

This enrollment form shall come into force on the date. I declare that I am aware of and accept the above conditions, by both parties and will remain valid until the end of the course.