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Lusa Language School is located in Cais do Sodré, in the heart of downtown Lisbon. The area is close to the river and easy to reach from all parts of the city. A well-connected underground and train station can be reached by foot in 5 minutes. The building is surrounded by many popular Lisbon attractions, such as the Time Out Market, a well-liked spot for foodies and music lovers. The school has several areas close-by to socialise after class, such as the Praça São Paulo. We also promote all kind of social activities so our students can get to know each other and the city.

Lusa Language School is located in Cais do Sodré, in the heart of downtown Lisbon. The area is close to the river and easy to reach from all parts of the city. A well-connected underground and train station can be reached by foot in 5 minutes.

Why learn Portuguese?

This is a different and special language! Learning Portuguese is the key to unlock a unique world shared by over 220 Million people worldwide, in 10 different regions such as Portugal, Brazil, Mozambique and Angola.

But how can Portuguese language improve your life?

More Facts

Job Prospects

Taking a few Portuguese lesson will make you stand out as it is one of the languages of the future!

Portuguese is the language of many growing job markets worldwide, so the need for foreigners who speak the lingo is on the rise! Learn Portuguese now will mean getting a head start on the competition;

Despite being the 6th most spoken in the world, Portuguese language is still a bit of a hidden gem. It remains less common on people’s CVs, offering a huge advantage in a job market. Taking a Portuguese course will make sure you stand out;

Portuguese is spoken in Europe, Africa and America so, it doesn’t matter where you’re from or where you’re living: studying Portuguese can open doors for you in any part of the world.

More Facts

Live ‘A Vida Portuguesa’

You won’t just learn Portuguese in Lisbon, you’ll learn how to act like a native!

Portugal is the world’s favourite new destination and, after a few Portuguese lessons, you can become part of the Portuguese speaking world, feeling more confident in your new home and workplace instead of feeling frustrated;

Whether you’re visiting for a few days or planning to stay, you’ll notice why Portuguese people are known for their sympathy and you’ll want to interact with them as much as you can;

There’s nothing like understanding a work of art in its native language. Study Portuguese will lead you to understand some of the world’s most important works of literature, music, and film.

More Facts

Brain Training

Learning Portuguese might not be the easiest thing in the world but what’s the fun in easy?

Studying Portuguese can be just the intellectual challenge you need! Portuguese is an accessible language but is a great personal goal to aim for. Keep those brain cells firing!

Portuguese can sound harder than it is. It has simple, logical grammatical structures and its day-to-day vocabulary can be learnt in a short time with the right Portuguese courses for you;

Learn Portuguese in Portugal is the perfect challenge for your brain as you’ll be listening to the language daily and get used to the slang and sayings.

Choose your course length, start date and course type!

Whatever your current Portuguese language knowledge, budget, availability and goals,
we have a certified programme adapted to your needs.


Our Portuguese lessons in Lisbon is taught as naturally as possible. Role-play and conversational classes and courses are an important aspect of our methodology. Our students live an immersive experience which we believe is the most effective way.


Know what our students have to say about us.

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Intensive Lessons

The most effective and fastest way of learning Portuguese

This full immersion Portuguese language course in Lisbon is fast-paced and gets students speaking from day one

We strive for our Portuguese lessons to be fun, engaging and above all, effective

Monday to Friday

9:00 – 13:00
or 14:00 – 18:00

From 3 to 8 students

From 244 euros per week

Business Portuguese

Ideal for students who aim to improve their Portuguese at a fast pace, for professional purposes

Students will have the opportunity to practice their language skills in a variety of different business contexts

The use of role-play and oral presentations is key for this course

To be agreed

To be agreed

From 2 to 6 students

To be agreed

Part-Time Lessons

An excellent complement for people residing in Lisbon

We encourage students to consolidate what they learn in their daily life

The course allows students to study even when their spare time is limited

These dynamic lessons requires students to be dedicated and committed to their Portuguese goals

Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday

19:00 – 21:00

From 4 to 10 students

180 euros per five weeks

Conversational Classes

The conversational classes are suitable for students of all levels higher than absolute beginners to add to their Portuguese language studies

A fun and dynamic approach that creates an informal environment among students to encourage interaction

Classes are relaxed and based around themes that appear during communicative contexts in Portugal


18:30 – 20:00

From 3 to 10 students

10 euros per hour

Private Lessons

A good option for students with specific learning goals

For students with a complicated schedule, the private classes provide a flexible way to study alongside other life commitments

Our Portuguese teachers can design a learning schedule which focuses on specific targets to help you gain fluency in Portuguese




From 29,5 euros per hour

Online Lessons

Online classes give students who cannot study in Lisbon the chance to be taught the language with a native Portuguese speaker

Classes take place over Skype and learning targets are set and managed by the teacher online

Courses can be tailored according to the specific needs of the student



From 29,5 euros per hour

Why study with us?

At Lusa Language School, we make learning Portuguese fun, not a chore.
Our students will learn language-hacking tools to speak Portuguese from their first day.


Modern and homely facilities.
Accessible and centric location.
Popular and lively surroundings.
Free wi-fi.
Bright and comfortable classrooms.


University certified teachers.
Full time professionals.
Passionate and dedicated educators.
Individual study-plans.

Social activities

Regular events, dinners and parties.
Language exchange activities.
Meet new friends at our school.
Study Portuguese together.

Our philosophy

Our aim is to empower our students to learn Portuguese within a remarkable learning experience in Lisbon.

Breaking down barriers

We want our students to use the Portuguese language, not just study it. The main aim of our Portuguese courses is to empower students with the enthusiasm to speak and interact.

Committed to excellence

We want our students to have the best possible experience of language-learning and of Portugal. We are committed to satisfying our students through ongoing review processes and professionalism.

Culture of learning

We want our students to have fun during their time studying with us and with other students. We promote a friendly and open atmosphere for learning, as well as cross-culture exchange.

Our methodology

Lusa Language School is committed to delivering high-quality and effective Portuguese language lessons. Our teachers and staff are highly-trained and offer a breadth of both academic and practical experience.


Learning a language is a social exercise and we encourage collaboration between teachers and students, and on a peer-to-peer level.


We hire only native Portuguese teachers and ensure that class sized are restricted to guarantee students have personal attention.


Our Portuguese lessons are always planned, but our teachers and materials are flexible to meet the needs of a wide range of students with different language-learning needs.


Listen to our student testimonials to learn more about what it’s like to study at Lusa Language School.

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