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Levels From complete beginners (A1) to mastery (C1)
  • Ideal for students who aim to improve their Portuguese for professional purposes, while living or studying in Lisbon;
  • Students will have the opportunity to practise their language skills in a variety of different business contexts. The use of role-play and oral presentations is key for these classes;
  • By the end of the Portuguese business course, students will be able to communicate in business contexts with increased fluency and be able to use a wider range of active vocabulary to perform tasks in a business context.
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Everything you need is included
in the price of the Business Portuguese lessons:

  • All the materials are provided by the teacher for each class;
  • Access to the extracurricular activities are organised by the school;
  • A certificate of attendance at the end of the course with the number of hours and the level accomplished by the student.

Class dynamics – Business lessons

This Portuguese business lessons were designed to enhance workplace communication skills by providing a variety of business-related language-learning activities, such as how to conduct phone calls, write emails, and more. In the classroom, you’ll participate in oral activities that aim to help business learners improve their proficiency in listening and speaking Portuguese. Writing activities will also be assigned for homework.