Enjoy an art exhibition in a learning environment

In Lusa Language School, we understand the potential that contemporary art holds in immersing oneself in Portuguese culture. For this reason, we turned our classrooms into one-of-a-kind galleries and invited ten lusophone (Portuguese speaking) contemporary artists to transform our space, showcase their talents and give you a special opportunity to delve into the national art scene!

How does the concept work?

  • Diferent classroom, diferent artworks – walk around the school and explore!
  • Enjoy the unique cultural experience and get a closer look at the Portuguese art of today.
  • All of the exhibited works are available for purchase so you can take home an authentic piece of Portuguese culture!

Artists on display

You will encounter a variety of styles and techniques, as well as personal points of view, allowing for diverse perspectives through which you can rediscover Portuguese traditions and explore new creative visions. The artists we are happy to present to you are:

Cultural immersion through Portuguese contemporary art

In our school we believe that history and heritage, which we promote through our social activities, can be essential to learning a new language. Yet it is contemporary art that can ofer a glimpse into present-day cultural identities and provide a better understanding of today’s society. By promoting local artists from the lusophone world (Portugal, Cabo Verde …), we wish to bring attention to the variety and richness of the artistic voices of modern Portugal.