Online Group Course

Our European Portuguese Online group courses are the perfect choice if you are looking for an interactive online experience. Besides grammar, you will practice all the communicative aspects of the language in our virtual classroom alongside people with the same language goals as yours.

How it works:

  • Classes will focus on all the components of the language, giving all the students the chance to participate and interact in the class;
  • Granted access to free materials during the class and for self-study outside the class to maximize results;
  • Teachers will follow personally your progress, advise and send you further materials and exercises so you practice where you need improvement;
  • Courses taught by our native and highly qualified teachers, with years of experience in teaching European Portuguese to foreigners;
  • High quality courses certified by DGERT – (Ministry of Education of Portugal).

Online Intensive Course

Hours Monday to Friday
9 am to 11 am or
2 pm to 4 pm or
Class Size From 4 to 10 students

New Prices – From 9.6 € per hour with no additional enrolment fee

Hours Duration Full Price per week
20 hours 2 weeks € 106,00
40 hours 4 weeks € 96,00

Online Part-time Course

Hours Monday and Wednesdays or
Tuesdays and Thursdays
6pm to 8pm
Class Size From 5 to 10 students

New Prices – From 9.25 € per hour with no additional enrolment fee

Hours Duration Price per module
20 hours 5 weeks / 1 module € 195,00
40 hours 10 weeks / 2 modules € 190,00
60 hours 15 weeks / 3 modules € 185,00
Contact us to know new prices, time schedules and availability

We will respond to you as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours.

Where are you located?
Have you studied portuguese before?
Which Timetable do you prefer?

Private Online Classes

If you are looking for a more personalised experience we also offer private online classes where you and your teacher will be able to focus exclusively on your needs as a learner in order to maximize your progress.

Why take online private classes?

  • Online private lessons are aimed at those who want to learn Portuguese online but live outside Lisbon or have a more rigid work or study schedule;
  • Since lessons are one-to-one, you follow a completely personalised programme, giving you the freedom to choose when you want your classes to be;
  • If you have studied at LUSA before, and have a preferred teacher, please let us know and we can try to arrange your classes to be with them;
  • Homework assignments will be sent via email when you study Portuguese online.
Let us know your preferences:

We will respond to you as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours.

How many lessons do you want to take in total?
How many lessons per week?
Time Schedule preferences:

Lessons * Price per lesson Full price
10 lessons 30 euros € 300,00
20 lessons 29 euros € 580,00
30 lessons 28 euros € 840,00

* Each lesson is comprised of 55 minutes.

Timetable To be agreed
Any day from Monday to Saturday
Hours To be agreed
Anytime from 8am to 9pm
Class Size One-on-one
Program Tailor made for each student
Levels All the levels from A1 to C2
Prices From 28 euros per lesson