Study Portuguese in Lisbon and immerse yourself in a new culture

Learning a language isn’t just about grammar and exercises. It is also about going out and experiencing the Portuguese life and culture. To introduce our students to the beauty of Lisbon, we organise a wide range of optional cultural and social activities to explore the city. The trips range in availability and price, and some are negotiated at special prices for our students. Participation is entirely voluntary but recommended if you’d like to get to know new places and people from all over the world. During the summer we have 2 different activities per week while in winter we have one because the weather isn’t always perfect to go out. What you can always count on is dinner on Friday night so save your Fridays for us!

Cultural activities

We want our students to learn Portuguese as well as the culture and history of our country which is why we organise weekly activities to some of our well known monuments and museums. As we are in the centre of the city, you can get to many places on foot or in a few minutes by bus or metro.

These activities vary from week to week:

  • Visit the beautiful Castelo de São Jorge or Mosteiro dos Jerónimos;
  • Learn new skills through Portuguese cooking classes;
  • Visit a garden and have a picnic in it;
  • Go to Belém to learn more about the Discoveries Era and eat some Pastéis;
  • Visit museums all over town to get to know more about the Portuguese culture and history.

Outdoor and Sport activities

During most of the year, the weather is perfect for some outdoor activities in Lisbon. Whether it’s a bike ride along the river, or a surf class on the beaches in the city surroundings. Because of the school’s centric location, it’s easy to get everywhere by bus, ferry or train in just a few minutes.

These activities are different from week to week but can include:

  • A surf class, that can be adapted to your level, in Carcavelos, one of the best beaches close to Lisbon;
  • A bike ride along the river to Parque das Nações or to Belém so you can enjoy the view while getting fit;
  • A mega boarding experience alongside your colleagues;
  • A Stand Up Paddle session in Cascais so you can show if you have balance in a surfboard.

Friday night dinners

Dinners and Fridays are the perfect combination if you want to hear Portuguese people in their natural habitat, speaking like they do on a daily basis.

Dinner and Friday is the perfect combination if you want to hear Portuguese people in their natural habitat speaking as they do on a daily basis.

  • Tapas
  • Traditional Portuguese food
  • Sushi
  • Vegetarian
  • Brazilian steak

Why our students get involved?

When someone decides to learn Portuguese in Lisbon, they don’t just come here for the language. The city and its culture take an important role in that decision too.
To learn more about the Portuguese culture in an informal environment outside the classroom.
To consolidate what they have already learnt and practise their skills in daily real-life situations with other students.
To listen to how Portuguese is used in everyday life – including gaining greater familiarity with slang.
To get to know other students from all over the world in a relaxed, familiar and fun atmosphere.