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Portuguese Online Classes: Keeping your Mind Active

Online classes have always been a great option to learn a subject from distance. Now that we should leave the house for the smallest amount of time as possible, learning through online platforms can help you to keep a busy mind and to focus on other things rather than the fear of uncertainty that this virus brought to our lives.

Learn Portuguese Online was already an option at Lusa Language School, aimed for students that couldn’t come to the school to take the course but wanted to learn the language. If you haven’t started a course yet and would like to do so.

There are, obviously, a few drawbacks to this type of method. But we are going to focus on the advantages of online classes and how they can contribute to a healthier mind during this time of uncertainty.

Learn from home

First and foremost, you won’t have to leave your home to take this course. You can learn from anywhere, as long as it has an internet connection. You’ll even gain extra time since you won’t need to waste time on commuting.

Achieve your goals

Having goals to achieve can help you to keep your motivation levels high. At Lusa Language School, you can choose from having classes alongside people with the same language goals as yours or private classes. If you decide to enroll in a private online class programme, you will benefit from a study plan especially thought for you and be able to decide your own timetable.

Moreover, during this pandemic, spending time learning a language can be very beneficial for your mental health.

Become more productive
Since we are spending most of our time at home, having an online class scheduled can help you to seize the day and to maintain a routine. Waking up knowing that you have to be ready for a class may encourage you to get dressed and to organize your day.

Improve your knowledge
Use the extra time you’ve gained by staying or working from home to take care of yourself and to develop new skills. Taking online classes is a way of keeping the mind active.

You can even use this time to listen to Portuguese music, watch some Portuguese movies or to follow the online streaming of a play, by our theatres. These are all ways to improve your knowledge of Portuguese culture.

Changing from physical classes to online classes
There were a lot of students that, due to the temporary closure of Lusa Language School, started having online classes, instead of classroom lessons, surrounded by their beloved colleagues and teachers. Besides being the safest way to continue classes, it offers a solution for maintaining contact with our students as well as the rhythm of the process of learning the language. Their feedback has been very positive

Although we can’t be physically close, it is now possible to fight social distance with video calls and messages. So, having an online class with all your peers and with your teachers is also a way of keeping in touch.

We can’t wait to open the school again by this 6th of July, but, for now, we can see each other during online classes and keep learning Portuguese.

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