Learn a New Language – The best New Year resolution to accomplish

It’s the beginning of a New Year and that means, for a lot of people, that it is time to create new routines and start to accomplish your New Year resolutions. When Christmas ends and we’re still eating the leftovers, we start thinking of things we want to do in the New Year. Let’s take a moment to look at the five most common New Year resolutions that you’re probably thinking of at this exact moment.

Learn a new language

Everyone wants to be fluent in a new language. If you’re reading this, we assume you want to learn Portuguese. If you’re passionate about the language and you’ve always wanted to learn it, why not make it your main goal for 2019? If traveling is also on your bucket list for this year, combine the two things and come and study Portuguese in Lisbon with us while enjoying the sun and the great food. You can start right now by learning how to say “Happy New Year” in Portuguese: “bom ano novo”.

Learn how to play an instrument

Every year you think to yourself that you’ll buy a guitar – because you think it will be easy, doesn’t cost too much and doesn’t occupy too much room – and start your path to being the next Ed Sheeran. Will that happen? Well, you might actually buy the guitar. You might even learn the basics. Then the F chord comes up and it’s time to give up and leave it for the next year.

Be healthy

“Next year I’ll start eating healthy and go to the gym at least 3 days a week”. This is usually said after having a huge pizza for dinner. We all have a certain number of kilos we want to lose in the new year. That number usually gets smaller and smaller while the months go by and we realize we won’t be able to achieve the target.

Read more books

“One book a month”, we tell ourselves. We actually read a book in January and when we can’t finish one in February, we blame the fact that it has less days than the other months, and give up. Turns out we won’t read anything else during the whole year other than the subtitles of the movies we see that are based on the books we haven’t read.

Save more money

Saving money is harder than it sounds especially if you’re not earning more than you did last year but here are two pieces of great advice to help you: do not buy the books you’re not going to read and do not pay for the gym you won’t go to.

Still thinking about the first resolution? Take a look at our website and choose the course that best suits your needs. Meanwhile, bom ano novo!

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