Five great spots for Yoga in Lisboa

Looking to get bendy in the city of seven hills? Here are five great spots for yoginis in Lisbon:

Gayatri Yoga

This spot is located in Baixa, right in the city centre. Boasting several different yoga teachers, Gayatri’s teachers offer a range of different styles, including laughter yoga, or ‘yoga do riso’. Classes have a strong spiritual element and emphasis on the philosophy of yoga. The classes are taught in Portuguese, a great way to practice after classes at Lusa Language School.

Little Yoga Space

Another relaxing place to unwind in the heart of the city. Little Yoga Space is sandwiched in between the busy streets of Baixa. But despite its noisy surroundings, LYS manages to maintain a feeling of tranquility and offers morning, lunchtime and evening classes. Clinical pilates is also offered here and yoga workshops are also organised. Some classes are taught in Portuguese and others in English.

Food Printz Cafe

This new spiritual cafe also runs yoga classes in the styles of Jivamukti and Hatha yoga. Food Printz is located more uptown in Marques de Pombal, and aside from yoga, the cafe also organises meditation classes and workshops. As the name suggests, the space also has a vegan food cafe, which offers delicious vegan cheeses. It’s a great place to fill up on nutritious food after a long stretch at the studio!

Yoga Ashrama do Rato

This studio, located close to Rato, offers yoga classes for all – including for children and seniors. So if you want to send your child to school with a smile on their face, this studio could be just the right choice. The classes aim to preserve and maintain creativity in the mind, as well as cultivating calmness for children. Adults can also practice at the studio, in both English and Portuguese.

Hot Yoga Lisboa

Like to be in the heat? This spot could be perfect for you. Hot Yoga Lisboa offers classes in the style of Bikram yoga, where yoga poses are practiced in a room heated to 40-degree heat. The heat is intended to increase flexibility and sweating, to better cleanse the body and mind. The studio is also located uptown, close to Marques de Pombal and the studio offers several different price packages for its students.

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