I changed my schedule (and levels, and teachers…) a couple of times during my two-week-course there, so I was really greatful for their patience and flexibility! 🙂 Gostei muito do tempo que passei em Lisboa e em Lusa! I will be back next year, hopefully with one fixed schedule from the beginning to the end 😉

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Why is the castle a great place to visit? Because its surroundings are filled with coffee shops to drink something afterwards ☕️🤣 (...)


Are Portuguese and Spanish similar? Yes, but not that much
Surely you have thought about how similar are Spanish and Portuguese. Well, let us tell you something: not everything is what it seems. (...)

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The Lusa Language School team – aka the best team ever – wishes you a great 2020. Bom ano novo 🎆🥳 (...)
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