Intensive Portuguese

Monday to Friday

9:00 – 13:00
or 14:00 – 18:00

From 3 to 9 students

From complete beginners (A1) to mastery (C1)

A thorough and immersive course and an effective method to learn Portuguese.

Classes are fast-paced and results are strong.

Half of the day is spent dedicated to the lessons and the other half is free for students to explore Lisbon or other preferred activities.

Students will learn alongside peers with similar language abilities.

As with our other courses, all aspects of language skills, such as reading, speaking, writing and listening, are focused on in class.

Number of Lessons*DurationFrequencyLessonsPrice per weekPrice with discountFind Out More
20 lessons1 week5 days a week4 lessons daily€280.00€252.00CONTACT US
40 lessons2 weeks5 days a week4 lessons daily€270.50€243.45CONTACT US
60 lessons3 weeks5 days a week4 lessons daily€257.67€231.90CONTACT US
80 lessons4 weeks or more5 days a week4 lessons daily€244.00€219.60CONTACT US

*Each lesson is comprised of 55 minutes. 

A course is always guaranteed even if it doesn’t have the minimum number of students, however, the number of hours may be reduced. Please consult our terms and conditions for more information.

Intensive Course

In the intensive course, students will have the opportunity to rapidly acquire and develop the four aspects of language learning: comprehension, oral and written production, communicative and interactive skills. Students are encouraged to take an active, systematic approach to grammar and to use it in a natural, communicative way. The intensive Portuguese course will monitor the student’s communication skills and the ability to use Portuguese in real-life situations through the use of role-play, debates for intermediate and advanced levels, excerpts of films and music, and other interactive methods. After the classes, students may have the chance to continue learning with the school through optional extra-curricular activities.


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