Lusa Language School is committed in guiding the students through Portuguese certification process.

Level assessment and certificate

Lusa Language School is certified by the Directorate-General for Employment and Labor Relations (DGERT). This means that our procedures and practices are in accordance with a specific quality benchmark for training.

It may be useful to cite the school’s certification from DGERT if you are applying for funding to study at our school, or to list this certification for professional purposes, such as on a CV or a job application, which requires proficiency in Portuguese language.

DGERT is a central direct administration service of the Portugal which manages the System of Certification of Training Organizations in Portugal. DGERT supports the design of policies on employment, vocational training and certification and professional relations.

How will you assess my level?

We have methods in place for our students to be at the correct course level for their Portuguese abilities prior to the beginning of their course.

All students with a previous knowledge of Portuguese must undertake the school’s placement test.

Since our intensive courses maintain a strong focus on speaking skills, students are assessed orally, through a short phone or face-to-face conversation.

We use this information to help us place students at the correct class level, as well as other information, such as whether the student has fluency in Spanish or Italian.

Are there exams that I will need to take during my course?

At the end of each module there is a short test which will provide feedback for us and the student, including a recommendation for how studies should be continued.

Students that score 75% or above in the test will be recommended to proceed to the next level of their Portuguese course.

On rare occasions we may recommend that a student retakes a module based on a low score in the test or because of a teacher’s recommendation. We may also suggest that they take additional private classes in order to catch up.

Do I need a Portuguese language certification for nationality or residency purposes?

Normally Portuguese language proficiency is a requirement for obtaining nationality. We can help students prepare for official exams in Portuguese as a Foreign Language, at CAPLE (Centro de Avaliação de Português Língua Estrangeira or Centre for Evaluation of Portuguese as a Foreign Language). We can also help students enroll in the exam.

CAPLE issues proficiency certificates in European Portuguese as a second language. The certificates are often required for students who need to demonstrate their level of command in the Portuguese language, such as for professional or residency purposes.

The exam levels also correspond to the CEFR levels and Candidates who wish to obtain Portuguese citizenship must possess level A2 or higher in Portuguese.

Price70 euros
Next datesTo be confirmed
Structure and durationReading Comprehension and Written Production and Interaction (1h15m)
Listenning (30m)
Production and Interaction Oral (10 -15m)

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Intensive Lessons

The most effective and fastest way of learning Portuguese

This full immersion Portuguese language course in Lisbon is fast-paced and gets students speaking from day one

We strive for our Portuguese lessons to be fun, engaging and above all, effective

Monday to Friday

9:00 – 13:00
or 14:00 – 18:00

From 3 to 8 students

From 244 euros per week

Business Portuguese

Ideal for students who aim to improve their Portuguese at a fast pace, for professional purposes

Students will have the opportunity to practice their language skills in a variety of different business contexts

The use of role-play and oral presentations is key for this course

To be agreed

To be agreed

From 2 to 6 students

From 28,50 euros per hour

Part-Time Lessons

An excellent complement for people residing in Lisbon

We encourage students to consolidate what they learn in their daily life

The course allows students to study even when their spare time is limited

These dynamic lessons requires students to be dedicated and committed to their Portuguese goals

Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday

19:00 – 21:00

From 4 to 9 students

180 euros per five weeks

Conversational Classes

The conversational classes are suitable for students of all levels higher than absolute beginners to add to their Portuguese language studies

A fun and dynamic approach that creates an informal environment among students to encourage interaction

Classes are relaxed and based around themes that appear during communicative contexts in Portugal


18:30 – 20:00

From 3 to 10 students

10 euros per hour

Private Lessons

A good option for students with specific learning goals

For students with a complicated schedule, the private classes provide a flexible way to study alongside other life commitments

Our Portuguese teachers can design a learning schedule which focuses on specific targets to help you gain fluency in Portuguese




From 27 euros per hour

Online Lessons

Online classes give students who cannot study in Lisbon the chance to be taught the language with a native Portuguese speaker

Classes take place over Skype and learning targets are set and managed by the teacher online

Courses can be tailored according to the specific needs of the student



From 20,25 euros per hour



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